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Southington Youth Basketball - All Divisions

General Playing Rules - All Standard Scholastic Rules Apply Except:

There will be no playoffs, All-Stars, and no league standings will be kept.


  1. 5 on 5 with 10 foot baskets. Officials will be provided
  2. Man to man defense (no zoning). The ball must be allowed to enter the front court, including a throw in (use reasonable judgment - a throw in from the back court to someone under the basket for instance can be contested). The offensive team must be allowed to move the ball unhindered past the center line. Defensive players may not guard an offensive player until such offensive player has both feet in the front court. Full court pressure is allowed by team behind by 10 or more points. Zone defense allowed for 1 period per half. Notify other coach in advance.
  3. 3 second free throw lane violation.
  4. The length of the game is 8 5-minute periods with running time. The only time the clock is stopped is for free throws, time outs, and last minute of 4th and 8th periods. Time between quarters will be 1 minute and half-time will be 5 minutes. No period will be allowed to begin if the time until the start of the next game is 10 minutes or less. The game will end and the players removed from the court at the end of the last played period prior to 10 minutes before the next game.
  5. Keep track of fouls. Shoot 1 and 1 on 7th team foul per half, 2 on 10th player will foul out on 5th foul (Personal or Technical).
  6. Each team is allowed 1 1-minute time out per half. No carryover. 
  7. Games ending in a tie will stand. No overtime. 
  8. Alternate possession rule in effect. Jump ball to start game only.
  9. Ten second back court.
  10. Use regulation basketball.
  11. 1 practice per week. 1 game per week.


  1. Each player must play at least one 5-minute period per half. No player may play more than 5 minutes in a half unless each player has already played a five minute period in that half or is in the process of playing a five minute period in that half.
    Example: If you have 13 players on your roster, five play in period 1, 5 play in period 2, the remaining 3 players may be matched up with any other 2 players for period 3. The extra periods will be split up equally with no player playing more than 2 periods in any half unless all players have played at least 2 full periods. Please report any violation of this rule to your director or to the league officers and it will be dealt with. Different combinations of players may be used in each half so long as we strive for equal playing time for all.
    Exceptions: Injury, fouling out (5 fouls out of the game), disciplinary action-advise opposing coach before game.
  2. Players should not be kept from playing in a game unless it is a severe disciplinary problem. If so the league should be notified. 
  3. Opposing coaches should try to match players of equal ability.
  4. Players not in the game shall remain seated on the bench. 
  5. All players will meet at center court immediately after game to shake hands. No un sportsmanlike behavior will be tolerated. 
  6. Players and/or coaches not adhering to the league guildelines or showing un sportsmanlike conduct will be subject to a reprimand by the league.
    Coaches other responsibilities:  Both coaches fill out game report together and leave same in equipment box at end of game. If you have first game or last game make sure tables/chairs are set up/taken down.
    Cancellation notice: See storm policy.